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Interpreting: A complete service

Whatever the situation – meetings, trade fairs, telephone conversations, board meetings, business trips, conferences, etc…– SVP Traductions can provide a suitable interpreter(s) and give you a turnkey solution for your every need – at the right price.

Full interpreting service

Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison, whispered, over the telephone, legal, etc… we can provide a full interpreting service in over 20 languages.

Technical and setup assistance

SVP Traductions also provides a host of complementary services to help you set up and manage your events: document management, technical assistance, setup, technical tests, meeting and greeting and distribution of listening equipment, technical assistance during the event and dismantling of equipment.

Full range of languages and specialities

Our interpreting services are available in over 50 languages and are handled by accredited professionals. We can provide you with a suitable interpreter for whatever field you require.

SVP Traductions provides you with a full range of services to help you make your event a success!

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Simultaneous interpreting

Uninterrupted translation of the words of a speaker with the aid of appropriate audio equipment.
The interpreter sits in a listening booth and translates what the speaker is saying in real time. Listeners are provided with headphones so that they can hear what is being said in their own language.

Consecutive interpreting

The interpreter first listens to what the speaker says and then translates it. The interpreter usually takes notes while the person is speaking and then, at a convenient break, relates what has been said in the language required.

Liaison interpreting

The interpreter sits at the centre of the participants and translates what each speak says. This is ideal for business negotiations. SVP Traductions can provide the right interpreter for your chosen language and subject matter.

Telephone interpreting

The interpreter translates what the speakers say consecutively either through a loudspeaker or as part of a videoconference call.

Whispered interpreting

The translator sits next to one or two participants during a conference or meeting and whispers what is being said to the participants in their own language, either simultaneously or consecutively.
This is the ideal choice for one or two participants who do not speak the source language and it is generally recommended for short meetings.

Legal translation

This type of interpretation is handled by a Sworn Translator, who has been certified by the legal authorities. Such translators are authorised to translate documents of a legal nature and unless otherwise specified, their translation is legally binding.
Sworn Translators are usually required in court cases, arbitration, disputes and when reading notary acts, etc…, for example.
Not only are Sworn Translators linguistically qualified, they also have a good knowledge of court procedures and legal and administrative practices and terminology.

trained at major conference interpreting schools, such as ETI (Geneva), ESIT (Paris), EII (Belgium), Heidelberg (Germany) and Monterey (United States). They all have a minimum of 5 years’ experience both in the interpreting field and in their area of competence. They are also subject to continuous assessment by us. Before an interpreter is accepted into our fold, they have to undergo a series of specific tests to assess their knowledge and responsiveness, both linguistically and in their field of competence.

Interpreters are also subject to continuous training and frequently attend translation seminars and meetings in their specific field.

Because good interpreting cannot be left to chance, choose a provider that can guarantee that your event is a success. SVP Traductions undertakes to provide you with high quality interpreters qualified in their specific field of competence.

From a simple meeting to an international conference, SVP Traductions can provide you with the interpreters, equipment and assistance to meet your every need.


Event Interpreting sessions are normally either consecutive or simultaneous and can be tailored to suit any type of event: congresses, symposiums, site tours (factories, workshops, touristic situations, etc…), international conferences, meetings, seminars, business trips within and outside France, work meetings, business negotiations, etc…

Assistance and equipment

The sound equipment you use plays an important role in ensuring that your event is a success and runs smoothly. Our technical team is at your disposal to provide advice and assistance.
Interpreting booths and related equipment, infra-red transmitters/receivers, interpreting consoles, whispered interpreting kits, headsets, HF microphones, PA systems, etc… just choose the equipment and level of equipment that you require.