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1. Legal

SVP is a Simplified Joint Stock Company with a share capital of 6,966,782.88 Euros and is registered in Bobigny under the number, 732 018 726. Its registered head office is 3, Rue Paulin Talabot, 93585 SAINT OUEN CEDEX.
VAT Identification Number: FR 52732018726
Director of Publications: Olivier LENORMAND
The www.svptraductions.com is hosted by SVP (93-St-Ouen)

2. User rights in compliance with the Data Protection Law

In compliance with the provisions of the Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978, personal data entered on this website is processed in a strictly confidential manner. You reserve the right to access, rectify and to cancel any personal information relating to you. To do so, apply in writing to:
SVP – for the attention of Samia Badji – 3, Rue Paulin Talabot,
93585 Saint-Ouen Cedex,
Or by email to svptraductions@svp.com
In compliance with the recommendations of CNIL, personal data can only be kept on record for one year from when a service was requested.
Personal data can be collected for the following reasons only:
• Manage client relations
• Elaborate business statistics
• Create and manage customer files
• Send company and promotional information. If you no longer wish to receive such information, just tick the appropriate box.

SVP respects the confidentiality of the data of its clients and users of its website. SVP does not lend or sell any personal data it collects. Where appropriate, SVP reserves the right to pass on data it collects to member companies of the SVP Group for commercial reasons. Should you object to any such use, please send an email to svptraductions@svp.com. You also reserve the right to refuse any unsolicited electronic messages by following the appropriate link in each message.

3. Definitions

The SVP Traductions website: refers to all the pages linked to the www.svptraductions.com web address.
User: refers to web surfers that access the SVP Traductions website

4. Terms and Conditions of Use of the website

The www.svptraductions.com website is the property of SVP. On this website, SVP advertises its translation and interpreting services and allows its clients to send their documents for a quotation.
In its quest to help professionals run their businesses, SVP offers its services to businesses only. Promotional offers, including the free translation trail offer, are reserved for businesses only.
These Terms and Conditions of Use set out the legal and contractual framework of the relationship between SVP and users of the SVP website. By entering information on the website, you accept the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Rules of good conduct.

5. Intellectual property et authorisations

The SVP name and logo are registered SVP trademarks. Any reproduction, use and/or modification of the former without prior written consent from SVP constitutes counterfeiting. The presentation and content of the website constitute a digital work belonging to SVP. They are protected by existing intellectual property laws. Reproduction and/or representation, in full or in part without prior written consent from SVP is strictly forbidden.
Drawings, graphics, photographs, images, text, animated sequences with or without sound and any comments or information on the website are subject to intellectual property rights.
The copying or use of any of the said drawings, graphics, photographs, images, text, animated sequences with or without sound and any documents or information available on this website, are only permitted under the following conditions:
• Downloaded or printed copies of any originals from this website must display the copyright statement and any other legal statement, including this authorisation, that appear on the originals
• They are not modified or altered in any way
• No graphic content, photographs or images available on the site can be used or distributed separately from any accompanying text
• They are used for personal purposes only, excluding for reproduction, exhibition, publication, use, and broadcast of a public or commercial nature.

Under the right to use, which is thus granted, the user may download information, documents and graphic images and/or print a hard copy. However, this authorisation is dependent on the condition that the said copies are strictly limited to internal use only, in the case of a business and for personal use only in the case of an individual. This authorisation to download or print does not transfer any property right to the user.
Any other use is subject to prior written consent from SVP, on pain of legal action. The content of this website cannot in any way, not even partially, be lent, exchanged or ceded; no data must be extracted in full or in part to any other media, including electronically. SVP authorises the creation of links to the website, subject to the source being expressly stated.

6. Extent of website liability

SVP cannot guarantee that the website that it has put at the disposal of businesses will not be inaccessible sometimes, fast, secure, fully compatible or error free when used with users’ equipment systems and specific software.
SVP cannot be held liable for any damage caused directly or indirectly by connecting to the website. Users use the service at their own risk and are fully liable for their costs for maintenance, repairs or to correct their equipment and software.
SVP cannot guarantee the duration of the service. SVP reserves the right to update or temporarily interrupt the service at any time without compensation.

7. Cookies

To facilitate the use of the SVP Traductions website, avoid the necessity of repeated authentication and to offer the best surfing experience for its users, SVP places authentication cookies on your system to help it authenticate the data you enter. You can decline the installation of such cookie by following your browser’s procedure.

8. Applicable law

Published by a company subject to French law with its registered head office located in France, the SVP Traductions website, including its Terms and Conditions of Use, is subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, if an amicable solution cannot be reached, the jurisdiction will be the business Tribunal of Bobigny.