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Every translation is unique; its style, flow, choice of words, the length of the sentences or the words themselves are all chosen in relation to the nature of the document and the message you want to convey.
This is why we always ask you for the final draft of the document so that we can adapt it to be as faithful as possible to the source text.

We like to consider our professional translators as co-authors; their translation must flow as naturally as one would expect in the target language. The translators are trained to go seamlessly between the source and target languages so as to maintain the essence of the message and to choose the most appropriate terminology and style for the document.

Quality control
All our translations are subject to proof-reading by the translator and a translator/proof-reader.

To optimise the quality and rapidity of our services, you are provided with a tracking tool to monitor the progress of your document from quotation stage to delivery of the translation.